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You're a student and going to study abroad in Ulm? That's great!
This website is dedicated to help get to know the city a little better before you arrive!

Meet the city

About the city

There are a lot of interesting spots in and around the city to explore. Here are three reasons, why Ulm is so loveable.

Image of the muenster in Ulm
The Minster

The "Ulmer Münster" is the most remarkable sight in Ulm and the most famous one. It is the highest church tower in the world with about 162 metres! Get up there when you get here and enjoy the view.

A picture of the danube flowing through Ulm
The Danube

Or the "Donau" as the German name goes. It is the longest river in the EU and makes a perfect spot to enjoy long walks or to grill in one of the many parks alongside it. Take a deep breath and relax!

The Fischerviertel, a well known old town district
The old town

Ulm has a remarkable beautiful old town located right in the city centre. Once a market place for the local fishermen, it is still called "Fischerviertel". It's a vivid area, full of typical bars, scene-clubs and great restaurants to enjoy local cuisine.

City culture

Get to know the city's culture and know what to expect.

Picture of Nabada, a traditional festivity in Ulm

If you are around Ulm in July, you're in luck! Forget about your everyday life and just celebrate the biggest holiday in the city with everyone in the streets and on the Danube. That's right: on the Danube! So get your boat ready and jump in.

Mood picture for bar and pub life in Ulm
Bars and clubs

The local bars and clubs invite you to spend the night and enjoy some of the finest German beers. You will find most of them in the beautiful "Fischerviertel", part of the oldtown of Ulm and also known as Ulm's Venice.

Mood picture for theater and high culture in Ulm

Not to forget Ulm also offers various possibilites to enjoy high culture, like theatre, orchestra and more. Get fancy, put on your finest clothes and enjoy some good acting.

The universities

There are three big, main public universities in Ulm and it's sister city Neu-Ulm, some with multiple sites.
You can see that they are all over the city! Click the markers to discover more about them. Learn more about the university culture in the next section.

Young man rowing a boat

University Sports

In Ulm you will find loads of different courses of university sport! It ranges from ball sports and games, to martial arts or mountain sports, or even dancing if you like.

Just follow the link below and check out the whole offer!

Party mood picture, young people partying

University Parties

Every student in Ulm loves them: the legendary university parties. There are regular parties at every one of the the three universities in Ulm and Neu-Ulm.

Click on that button, to find out when and where they are!

A picture of people holding hands, symbolizing group work

University groups

If you want to get active in a group of people who think like you: we got that covered. There are dozens of groups waiting for your helping hand.

Check out the complete list, when you click that link down there.


Learn more

We hope you liked this introduction of the city! We'd love to welcome you in this beautiful city and hope to see you soon.
Until then, check out some mildly interesting facts about the city and impress us with your knowledge when you arrive!

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm.

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